From the team behind the NSF-supported prehistoric hits Dinosaurs Alive, Titans of the Ice Age, and Dinosaurs of Antarctica comes the planet’s most famous dinosaur — the hit-maker, the headliner, the apex attraction — TYRANNOSAURUS REX.

For over a hundred years dinosaurs have inspired and thrilled audiences, commanding blockbuster status in museums and at the box office. But among them towers a king — a tyrant lizard king. With leaps in CGI wizardry and revolutions in tyrannosaur paleontology over the past twenty five years, the time has come to revisit rex in the world’s prestigious museum cinemas. 

Working with top tyrannosaur scientists, a coalition of natural history institutions, and pioneering paleo and visual effects artists, GSF’s original giant screen production on this iconic dinosaur — and its carnivorous Cretaceous cousins — aims to be the most dazzling and accurate T. rex documentary ever made.

With hat tips to famous specimens, landmark discoveries, and wild cinematic depictions over the last century, the film will explore the interplay between speculation and evidence, and reveal how the process of science refreshes and reimagines our understanding of this legendary dinosaur. 

We're eager to bring the G.O.A.T. The Greatest of All Tyrants — back to life in fun and surprising ways. The film will cover a lot of new territory while delivering on the quintessential promises of a T. rex cinematic experience — the dinky arms, super senses, rex-on-rex fights, pack hunts, baby rexlings, a climactic face-off with a three-horned nemesis, giant pterosaurs, the extinction cataclysm, and much, much more.